Don’t say we never spoil you at FACT – this week we’ve got two official podcasts up. Following Monday’s expert techno session from Berghain resident Ben Klock comes Helsinki trailblazer Tes la Rok’s contribution to the series.

If you saw him leave bullet-holes in Fabric’s ceiling last Friday (metaphorical, not literal bullet-holes, as Riko would say) then you’ll know what to expect – pacey, driving, impeccably mixed and constantly skankable dubstep. New material from Benga, TRG, LD, Subeena, Tes himself and more all feature.

01. Benga & LD – 3 Phase (Dub)

02. The Others – 5 Knuckle (Dub)

03. Joker & Ginz – Purple City (Dub)

04. Distinction – Fly High (Dub)

05. Tes La Rok – Wah Do Dem (Dub)

06. Subscape – Lion Skank (Dub)

07. Mungos Hi-Fi – Wikidness [Tes La Rok Remix] (Dub)

08. LD – Yes Yes (Dub)

09. Tes La Rok – Bwooy (Forthcoming on Noppa)

10. Subeena – Perception (Dub)

11. Desto – untitled (Dub)

12. Tes La Rok – wormhole (Dub)

13. TRG – Brixton Project (Dub)

14. Unknown – Unknown (white)

15. Rico Tubbs – Gansters [Tes La Rok Remix] (Forthcoming on Menu Music)

16. Jack Murda & Junior Murvin [Tes La Rok Remix] (Dub)

17. Tes La Rok – We Nah Run (Dub)



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