Rating: 5.5 / Label: CD/LP / Label: XL

The electroclash revival is on, but for all the chat about the new Hell, Fischerspooner and Kitten/Hacker albums (everyone’s ignored Tiga, which is probably for the best) this is the big one, isn’t it? It’s like if Peaches can make a good album in 2009 – something more than just a nostalgia trip for people who took their first pill in 2002 – it’ll be inspirational across the board, and everyone else’s comebacks will work out fine.

And I Feel Cream starts promisingly: ‘Serpentine’ is a right bruiser, all tough ghetto-tech drums and gritted teeth vocals. ‘Talk To Me’ is bad, but ‘Lose You’ works in a twinkle-eyed, more subdued 2001 Kylie way. ‘I Feel Cream’ is maybe the best thing on here, both in terms of production (courtesy of Drums of Death) and vocal performance; bar the rap, it could be Little Boots or Annie. It’s the only song on I Feel Cream that really stands out on its own terms, and there’s the rub; these songs aren’t actually that great, they’re just good in a better-than-you’d-think-Peaches-would-sound-in-2009 way. Still, at least she’s aged with more grace than Princess Superstar.

Tam Gunn

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