The 46th FACT podcast comes from Hyperdub-signed UK house touchstone Cooly G. Here’s what we said about Cooly when we first profiled her in January:

“Cooly G, who’s a semi-pro female footballer and UK house producer from Brixton, South London, describes her sound as having a “deep house tribal dubstep vibe”, and you can see why – where as Roska or Crazi Cousinz operate firmly (or is that fruitily?) in the Funky end of the Funky/UK house spectrum, and Lil Silva and Hard House Banton are jump-up grime in all but name, Cooly G’s productions exist in their own hinterland – abstract post-garage beats that slowly shuffle into life, and favour cut up vocal snippets to RnB ballads.

“Peverelist has spoke about wanting to “cut out all traces of the human” from his productions, but for my money, Cooly’s current productions are even more robotic and challenging than the Punch Drunk boss’s – without feeling rigid like Geeneus’s more trad housey tracks can at times. They’re never going to get a reaction like ‘Do You Mind’ on a dancefloor (at least not yet), but so long as tracks like ‘Weak’ and the New Cooly Dubplate on her myspace get the plays they deserve (and it seems that she’s being pushed by Marcus Nasty) then they could trigger interesting developments in Funky.

“Cooly G is possibly the dance producer to watch this year, not just for her own tracks but to see how Funky DJs incorporate her unique shuffling groove into their sets, what new styles could spawn from these records getting popular, and especially what hybrids could spawn if DJs from other genres – someone like TRG, for instance, you could see playing her – adopt her tunes as their own.”

Since we wrote that, Cooly’s rep and productions have gone from strength to strength – ‘Love Dub’, and ‘Dis Boy Pt 4, are two of the tracks of the year so far, and shortly after that piece was published it was announced that ‘Love Dub’ would be released on Kode 9’s Hyperdub label, confirming the crossover potential. Both ‘Love Dub’ and ‘Dis Boy Pt 4’ appear on Cooly’s immaculate, heavy FACT mix, along with Fuzzy Logik, Fingaprint, Martin Kemp, DJ Gregory, Dennis Ferrer and more.

01 Cooly G – Weekend Fly02 Martin Kemp – No Charisma03 Sami Sanchez – What04 Fingaprint – Print Rolla (Cooly Special)05 Fuzzy Logik – Safari06 Cooly G – Narst07 Audio Halls Beat – Dougs Wana08 Mista P – Funky Interlude09 Cooly G – Dis Boy Pt 410 Mista P – Physic11 T. Williams – Tight12 T. Williams & Smokey – Dub13 NB Funky – Riddim Box (Sami Sanchez Remix)14 Unknown – Unknown15 Halo & Kemal – African Dream16 Hard Soul – Self Religion (Believe In Me)17 Bopstaz at Work – Always Into Journey 18 DJ Gregory – Vasefa Argy Mix19 Cooly G – Hard20 Slisonic – Can U21 Cooly G – Love Dub Refix22 Dennis Ferrer – Touch the Sky23 DJ Gregory – Attend 224 Frank Rodger – Nothing Feels the Same25 Jovonn – New York City Banger26 Iza Tonic – Full Eclipse



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