Rating: 7.5 / Format: CD / Label: Senseless

Throughout music one factor remains gospel; a track with vocals will be considerably easier to remember [well, maybe. What about the Taxi theme? – Ed]. Memory latches onto lyrics and their fluctuations in pitch. An informed idea then for a young label; release your most ambitious (and completely carbon neutral) project to date over 2 CDs, utilizing and focusing on the power and depth of the human voice.

Birthed out of Leeds, Senseless Records, co-run by Deville, Sarantis and Sasquatch, have to date released ten vinyl singles but over this pair of CD releases, the trio manage to both shed some light on their healthy back catalogue and bring artists and vocalists from around the globe together to create something cohesive and unified. Tracks from the three producers behind the label get vocalled by rappers (Foreign Beggars, Dialect and Asher Don), singers (Violet) and dancehall artists (Warrior Queen, Jimmy Luv) whilst remix versions come courtesy of Starkey, MRK 1, King Cannibal, Kanji Kinetic, Octapush and Jack Sparrow. 

There’s an undeniable quality evident from the get go – Sarantis’ ‘Warzone’ fusing Bunnington Judah’s hook drenched lyrics with rolling drums, hovering bass and acres of delay whilst Sasquatch’s ‘Life’s Changing’ eloquently proves that rappers can ride 140bpm beats without repeating the same word at the end of every bar. 


Oli Marlow

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