FACT Mix 47 comes courtesy of grime legend, and the man headlining this Thursday’s Night Slugs, Terror Danjah.

Terror’s one of grime’s all-time best producers – the man behind the long-standing (and now deceased. Sort of) Aftershock crew, he’s the man behind ‘Boogeyman’, ‘So Sure’, ‘Love Is Here to Stay’, ‘Creep Crawler’, ‘Poltergeist’ remix, ‘Cock Back’ and more. More recently he’s received much acclaim for the Hardrive Vol 1 and Zip Files Vol 1 mixtapes, and been working with Kode 9 – so you know he’s got more on his plate to come. If you don’t believe us that Terror’s the nuts, ask Planet Mu – the veteran dance label are in the process of compiling a Terror Danjah Greatest Hits package.

His FACT mix is quick, ruff and ready, and features a heap of Terror tracks that we’ve certainly not heard before, along with tracks from DVA, Badness, Loudmouth and a Grime-Gone-Funky workout to finish off, with Ghetto’s vocal of Lil Silva, Boy Better Know, Donaeo and more.


01 Just Realise – Terror Danjah feat Fumin (Hardrive Vol 2)02 Royal Flush – D.O.K (Dokument Chapter 1)03 Red Alert – Terror Danjah (Zip Files Vol 2)04 Creepy Crawler – Terror Danjah (Industry Standard Part 1, Aftershock)05 Ride 4 Me – Terror Danjah feat Dot Rotten & Youf (Hardrive Vol 2)06 Buzz Light Year – Davinche (Paperchase)07 Find Out – Terror Danjah feat Badness (Hardrive Vol 2)08 Nissi – T.N.T09 Kill All Of Dem – Scratcha D.V.A10 Jam Hot – Geeneus11 Commando – Ganja Man12 Frontline (Creepy Crawler Remix) – Big-E-D (Pay Back EP, Aftershock)13 Trojan – Terror Danjah (Zip Files Vol 1)14 Untitled – Treble Clef (Kamikaze)15 Morph – Terror Danjah (Zip Files Vol 1)16 Untitled – P-Jam (Dice Recordings/Beat Camp)17 Untitled – Big-E-D (Zip Files Vol 2)18 Suck Out – Loudmouth (Zip Files Vol 1)19 Code Morse – Terror Danjah & D.O.K (Unreleased)20 Warning – D.O.K (D.O.K Funky 2009 Remix)21 Party hard – Donaeo22 Go Hard – Lethal B feat. Donaeo23 Migraine Skank – Gracious ‘Napa Man’ K24 Came In The Game – Lil Silva feat Ghetto25 Tribal Skank – Fr3e26 Too Many Man – Boy Better Know27 Sunglasses – Undisputed28 Blackberry Hype – Lil Sliva feat Maxwell D (Terror Danjah Special)

Easy Terror. Tell us about the mix you’ve done for FACT…

“Well I played various tracks that I would like to hear from the UK underground scene ranging from Grime to UK Funky.”

Some of the bits we haven’t heard before, in the first half of the mix, are those new productions from you or stuff you’ve had in the vaults?

“Well some of the tracks are mine, one or two tracks off Hardrive Vol 2, and some old skool Grime and never heard before tracks from big producers!”

What else have you been working on lately?

“Mz Bratt’s just signed a two single deal with Universal/All Around The World with a track I produced called ‘Who Do You Think You Are’, I’m still working on Hardrive Vol 2 which is gonna be a various artists CD, Zip Files Vol 2 which is an instrumental CD, Mz Bratt’s album… I’ve recently done an Electro remix of Chipmunk’s ‘Diamond Rings’ for Sony which is gonna be his next single, plus an instrumental album with Planet Mu.”

What’s the deal with Aftershock? You and everyone else seems to have left it, but you still roll together. What’s the exact situation with it?

“Well I’m still cool with the artists that have left, we still tight, but I am on my own grind, roll on my ones… [laughs]”

You’ve been working with Kode 9, right? What can you tell us about that?

“Well I’m gonna release some new material on Kode 9’s label Hyperdub, so watch this space!”

You’ve always been one of grime’s most recognisable producers, but you never played out much. Are you gonna focus on the DJing side more from now on? And what can we expect from your Night Slugs set?

“Yes most definitely, I wanna be more hands on. I wanna smell and feel the emotion first hand like I use to when I was a Jungle/Drum & Bass DJ. At Night Slugs… Grime, a lil Dubstep, maybe a lil Funky, and even some old school Jungle!”

And what can we expect from Terror Danjah in the near future?

“Hopefully to be the Dr Dre/Timbaland/Armand Van Heldan with a dash of Daft Punk [laughs]”

So what are you doing this Thursday? Well, if you’re London based, then get your skin to Night Slugs – us and Lower End Spasm present the latest installment of London’s most forward-thinking bass music night, headlined by Terror (and this is a rare DJ set; dude doesn’t play out for anyone) with wicked support from Egyptrixx , plus residents Bok Bok, L-Vis 1990 and Manara. If you don’t know Egyptrixx, then you should get to – he’s been recording under the name for less than two years, but already he’s built up an oeuvre that takes in everything from house, to funky, to grime, to bassline – all the good stuff really. If you’ve been listening to the Night Slugs Sub FM show, then you’ll know this guy is on it.

So that’s Night Slugs, Thursday 14, East Village, Great Eastern St, London. World of pain for anyone who doesn’t attend.



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