Rating: 1 / Format: CD/LP / Label: Sub Soldiers/Fabric

What an awful record this is. It feels like such an obvious move to diss it too; the stock of Caspa and Rusko’s nasty, mid-range-driven brand of dubstep is at an all-time critical low (in stark contrast to its all-time high in, ahem, meatworld, where sweaty trustafarian dickheads at student nights all over the country are skanking their cocks off – Rusko’s words, not mine – to music that sounds vaguely like sex between epileptic chainsaws).

And I hate making obvious moves. But I’ve been asked to review it and I’m already past deadline, so here we go. The typically Caspa tracks on Everybody’s Talking are so sluggish, bloated and dull that surely if you go nuts to them in a club you’re just trying too hard. I’m not anti-wobble; Rusko, when he puts his mind to it, can make tunes that are so overwhelmingly vibrant and all-encompassing that it’s stunning, but ‘Marmite’, ‘Riot Powder’, etc, are just blunt and unimaginative in comparison. ‘Terminator”s still the best of those tracks, and that’s been kicking around for beards. And when Caspa moves away from his comfort zone the results are hysterically bad; never more so than on the Beezy (who has done some quite good stuff in the past)-featuring ‘Disco Jaws’, which is actually worse than anything on the last Streets album.

And that title, come on Caspa. If nobody’s listening, it’s probably because the music’s shit.

Stacey Morris

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