Available on: Keysound 12″

I’m not exaggerating when I say DVA/Scratcha is one of my favourite people involved in music on any level. His breakfast show has been the most dependable thing about Rinse FM for ages, his DJ sets pick and choose the best bits of funky, grime, house and dubstep, and his productions just keep improving. ‘Kill All A Dem’, his ‘Next Hype’ remix and ‘I’m Leaving’ are all great for different reasons, but this yard grime heavyweight is the best thing he’s done to date, and is finally being released via Dusk and Blackdown’s Keysound label.

Bar maybe God’s Gift, he’s recruited the best ‘yardie flow’ MCs in grime, and each of them come correct: Flowdan and Killa P continuing the dread echo vibe of their semi-recent tracks with The Bug but stepping up the tempo, Badness getting sing-y and staccato on the hook, and Riko bringing his usual wide-eyed rapid-fire presence to the table. And are those the world’s most ominious handclaps tucked away on the production? Also worth checking is the Dusk and Blackdown remix on the B-side, which picks off where the latter’s remix of Geeneus’ ‘Knife and Gun’ left off.

Tom Lea



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