Rating: 7 / Format: CD / Label: Boy Better Know

Eighteen months after his last release, Boy Better Know’s Frisco dons his white coat and returns to the lab, concocting the latest instalment in what has become one of the grime scene’s most consistent mixtape series. Frisco has gone about this series with scientific precision, and an emphasis on consistency resonates throughout Vol 3. And despite the unwelcome anomaly of ‘Buy Out The Bar’, the majority of this release affirms his position as one of modern day grime’s most respected MCs.

Building from self-assured foundations, there are individual tracks that reach the same soaring heights as Vol 1‘s peaks. Mega Most Wanted’s expansive production on the album’s first half, with the sharp drums and brass hits of ‘Patiently Waiting’ and the subtle rolling bass of ‘Stop Calling Me’, achieve an upbeat, chirpy mood early on, while underground hits ‘Ignorant’ Remix (featuring Roadside Gs) and ‘Big Man Ting’ provide a grimey finishing flurry. Frisco has cut costs by using many of his own beats, but he justifies the thrift with the inclusion of ‘Its Over’ and ‘Man Down’, two of the best tracks here. Frisco’s trademark poised flow compliments his own productions as well as it does Mega’s beats, and at times he simply runs rings around the backdrops to mesmerizing effect – his delivery on ‘Patiently Waiting’ and ‘Man Down’ is at times so dextrous it’s like he’s on a whole other plane.

The debut album Fully Grown is next for Frisco. He’s more than ready and, if this is his last trip the lab, then he’s left on very fair terms.

Tom Thurgood

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