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South London MC Speech Debelle is one of these acts that some higher power somewhere decided would be famous, and it became so without anyone really comprehending how it happened. Micachu is also one of those acts, except she’s actually a fantastic vocalist who’s made a really good album, and doesn’t sound like a dodgy female Roots Manuva tribute.

The organic production on Debelle’s new single, ‘Better Days’, is actually pretty nice in a bumpier ‘Thugz’ Mansion’ sort of way, but vocally it’s Micachu who provides the highlights. She goes all eyes-down and deadpan for the staccato spoken word chorus, ending it abruptly on “but I forgot/that my blood could clot/my heart could stop.” It’s not quite as affecting as her performance on last year’s ‘Do Me Well’, but it’s up there. As for Debelle, is “if I re-write the present that’s the past” any good? Nah, probably not.

Anna Russell



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