So we have been going wild for jj lately, an anonymous group on Swedish label Sincerely Yours (Tough Alliance, Air France) who put out a brilliant 7" earlier this year in the form of ‘My Life, My Swag’, and followed it with the equally great ‘From Africa to Malaga’ – both uploaded with no real fanfare or publicity to the Sincerely Yours homepage.

Anyway, we clicked on their site today and OMG, there is now an album. Granted it has a cannabis leaf on the sleeve, but fuck it, you’re allowed to have album art like the wall of a teenage trustafarian’s first year uni dorm when you make songs as good as these two. Just an advance warning: we haven’t heard this yet, but there’s a 90% chance it’ll be our album of the year. But then we also think that about the xx, and Darkstar.

The description on the SY site reads thus; we presume the latter half is the tracklisting and the former is just a general threat:

there’s nothing you can’t do

i’m on my waywhere are you? things will never be the same again

*** from africa to málagaecstasy *** are you still in vallda? *** my love *** Intermezzomy hopes and dreams *** masterplan *** me & dean



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