Rivers Cuomo and his merry band of former pop punk Gods, Weezer, have taken time out from doing dodgy covers of Lady Gaga to release information on "what’s in the Weezer pipeline in the coming months".

There’s a seventh album on the way. The title’s yet to be confirmed, but the record is "pretty close to a wrap now (after a mild false alarm back in the spring), though there is some work yet remaining to be done. There have also been some other special Weezer studio recordings done recently, but more on that later." That presumably refers the "to-be-announced special non-physical release" that the website post later refers to.

Pinkerton: The Deluxe Edition is happening. You probably know the story of Pinkerton by now; Weezer’s second album that was even better than the first, but for some reason 1996 decided to hate, so the band shunned it and Rivers started referring to it like it was the musical equivalent of getting wonky and dribbling down the phone to an ex that already hates you. Cue revisionism: a few years down the line everyone realised it was great, Rolling Stone re-reviewed it to give it a billion stars or something, and Rivers started taking credit for it again. Great record. We’re up for a re-issue. [FACT fact: one member of the FACT team was so put out by a girl when he was fifteen that he listened to Pinkerton‘s closing track for literally two hours on the spin – and the track isn’t much more than two minutes long.]

There’s also gonna be a Weezer online radio station, which could be horrendous. And 90s hanger-onners Sugar Ray have included a cover of an unreleased Weezer song called ‘Love Is The Answer’ in their new album Music for Cougars, which will definitely be horrendous.

Oh, and there’s also gonna be a chiptune tribute to Weezer called Weezer: The 8-Bit Album, which will be available here. This may be horrendous too, but will presumably be a billion times better than anything involving matey from Sugar Ray.



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