Deathprod, a.k.a. Helge Sten, one of dark ambient’s most reliable nutters (a member of Rune Grammofon stalwarts Supersilent, he’s produced for Motorpsycho and Susanna, has worked with Biosphere, and like Kreng, does a bunch of avant-theatre work that you’re never gonna check out but makes him at least twenty times cooler regardless), continues to have his back catalogue re-issued.

A few weeks ago, Type re-issued 2004’s Your Naked Ghost Comes Back at Night, by On (a collaboration between modern classical touchstones Steven Hess and Sylvain Cheaveau, produced by Deathprod and originally released by French label DSA), which like everything on the label, is fully streamable here. But this is even better: Morals and Dogma is the last proper Deathprod album, released in 2004 on Rune Grammofon, and for a while has only been available on the Rune 4xCD Deathprod box-set. Which goes for, well, not silly money, but a sizeable amount nonetheless.


Deathprod 4xCD box-set – full photo set on Hardformat

Boomkat, ever enthusiastic about this sort of business, remark that "the four pieces that make up [Morals and Dogma] were recorded intermittently between 1994 and 2000, presented as music for the ceremonies of an imaginary secret society, a soundtrack to the arcane rituals of a fictitious freemasonry. Violins may evoke symbolism of the glass harmonica; harmonium may evoke the encoded mystical language of the organ, the overal sound providing fertile ground for unearthing symbols and cracking codes."

We always just thought it was cool sounds like, but whatever: great record, and one that deserves to be reach a new audience – something that this reasonable priced re-release will hopefully achieve.



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