Toothy Detroit techno whiz Seth Troxler‘s collaboration with Matthew Dear for Spectral Sound will come out on September 14.

Titled ‘Hurt’ (as fans of Konrad Black’s Watergate 03 will already know) it’ll will make up part of Troxler’s ‘Panic, Stop, Repeat!’ 12”, and is available as a digital download as of yesterday.

Spectral describe it thus: “Troxler rubs bone-dry drum machines against his and Dear’s wispy, pitch-shifted murmurings of “hurt ya” (as well as something about “Huey Lewis in the rain”), a giant tribal drum, and a moment of sparse, jazzy keys. When Troxler and Dear put their heads together, the result is dance music distilled to its humid essence.”

We heard it’s not the only thing Troxler’s rubbed his bone against lately:



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