Remember LCD Soundsystem‘s epic "work-out" track 45:33? Course you do. Originally released back in 2007, it’s probably the best thing the band have ever done – at once a more kaleidoscopic and coherent work than Sound of Silver – and without a doubt the best think Nike have put their name to since the Air Jordan. Check it on Spotify here if you need reminding.

A series of 12"s from DFA/Parlophone, due out later this summer, will feature brand new remixes of 45:33 by various star producers; the tracks will be released digitally and in a CD collection on September 14.

We haven’t heard any of the new mixes yet, but we expect great things. The most exciting name to be involved in the project is Detroit hero Theo Parrish , who contributes a Space Cadet remix; we’re also very keen to hear the Diskomiks from Prins Thomas, a man so talented he even managed to make Doves sound good. British deep house head Trus’Me is on board too, as is DC Recordings’ Padded Cell. Runaway and Prince Language keep the New York disco end of things up; D*I*R*T*Y’s editor extraordinaire, Pilooski, and Traum boss Riley Reinhold, bring up the rear.

CD tracklisting:

1. Runaway Remix

2. Prince Language Remix

3. Prins Thomas Diskomiks Remix

4. Theo Parrish’s Space Cadet Remix

5. Trus’ Me Remix

6. Padded Cell Remix

7. Pilooski Remix

8. Riley Reinhold Remix



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