Available on: Rush Hour 12″

Tom Trago is a name you’re going to be hearing a lot of in months to come. The workaholic Amsterdam native released his debut album, Voyage Direct, on Rush Hour earlier this year, a belting collection of tracks that chart the territory between house, techno and disco with maturity and flair. As if that’s not enough, he’s masterminded a series of live performances with the Kindred Spirits Ensemble and like-minded Dorian Concept, and developed more hip-hop-leaning productions for Nod Navigators, earning the affections of UK bass figures like Alexander Nut and Actress in the process.

Actress’s version of ‘Lost In The Streets’ is the undoubted highlight of the new Voyage Direct remix 12″ (though the contributions from Motor City Drum Ensemble and Yurotrago are worth a listen too). Rush Hour compare it to classic Detroit fare by Antony ‘Shake’ Shakir or Infiniti, and we’re inclined to agree: it’s a disarmingly high-BPM work-out, replete with rough subs, chicaning synth melody and crisp kicks ‘n claps – the sheer gritty funk of it is remarkable. If, like us, you enjoyed Actress’s introspective Hazyville LP but have been waiting for him to make something more overtly dancefloor-oriented, your time has arrived.

John Valance



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