Still probably best known for his envelope-pushing techno releases as Monolake, Berlin-based sound-artist Robert Henke has his fingers in all kinds of arty pies. He’s still touring and developing his breathtaking audio-sculptural collaboration with Christian Bauder, ATOM, and next month sees the release of 60 minutes of music made for Fredik Wretman’s Tap Tim. We’ll let Henke explain:

"In early October 2008, the swedish installation artist Fredrik Wretman contacted me, because he wanted to use my Monolake piece Indigo for an installation. I liked the idea, but found it a bit inappropriate to simply play back the same song again and again in a loop for this installation.

"Tap Tim radiates a sense of timeless contemplation, one single calm and focused work of art in a huge gallery space. Putting two speakers somewhere in order to play back a stereo recording seemed wrong to me to. I suggested to come to Ostersund a few days before the opening and create a constantly permutating and endless multichannel soundscape based on some of the sounds of the Indigo piece.

"I prepared some elements in Berlin, and set up a temporary studio in the gallery for a day to work out the final soundscape. We ended up with a six independent streams of sound that fill the room with a never repeating slowly pulsating sonic perfume."

"The recording here is a stereo mixdown of the initial state of the installation if all three CDs would be started at the same time."

Henke has called the 60-minute recording Indigo_Transform, and is releasing it via his own Imbalance Computer Music imprint as a single-track CD album. You can download a 30-minute variation on gently undulating ambient piece here; more information on the Indigo and Tap Tim projects can be found at



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