Available on: Morphine 12″

Easily one of the most hyped 12″s of the year, ‘Levitate Venice’ actually deserves all the praise being heaped upon it. Which is lucky, ‘cos I’m about to do a whole load more heaping…

Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir is a genuine maverick, even in a city – Detroit – where you can’t throw a stone without hitting a game-changing innovator. On ‘Levitate Venice’, which was first released as a limited white label last year, Shake stakes out rugged ground somewhere between electro, dubstep and techno with consummate skill and assurance. Its rythmic variety and low-end power should see this 12″ lapped up by more than just hoary old Detroit heads; you can already see it fitting snugly in the boxes of young’ns like Ben UFO and Kyle Hall.

The exquisitely tweaked ‘Levitate’ is reminiscent of Drexciya at their most playful, or maybe Theo Parrish trying his hand at a grime instrumental. ‘Indagoo’ you’ll probably recognise from a ton of recent DJ mixes, it’s creeping bassline totally addictive, and offset nicely with almost sardonic computer game squelches. ‘Space Probes’ is a more redefined on Aux-88-style ghetto-tech, while ‘It Erased Me’ takes Omar-S’s abstracted “motown minimal” sound to strange new cybernetic climes. Throughout everything, a timelessly gritty, bass-driven underground aesthetic pervades; you know people’ll still be playing this shit in 50 years time.

Trilby Foxx



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