Shafiq Husayn , one third of California beat unit Sa-Ra Creative Partners, will release a solo album via K7/Plug Research on September 15.

Described as "a stunning soul/jazz and funk infused LP crafted from intense studio sessions and on-going conversations between like-minded friends and family", it follows hot on the heels of Sa-Ra’s acclaimed Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love, and was composed "with an armoury of outboard gear effects, synthesizers, electric guitars, strings, horns and a lot of modulation".

It’ll be titled Shafiq – En A Free Ka, and features appearances from fellow Sa-Ra member Om’Mas Keith and regular collaborator Rozzi Daime, plus Fatima, a vocalist from the same Eglo stable as Alexander Nut and Floating Points. Bilal and Count Bass D are also on board, and if it’s anything like Nuclear Evolution then it’ll be a good’un.


1. Intro/Electra2. Nirvana3. The U.N. Plan4. Cheeba feat Bilal5. Lil Girl feat Fatima6. Lost & Found feat. Jimetta Rose and Bilal7. Dust & Kisses feat. Noni Limar8. No Moor9. All Dead10. Major Heavy feat. Sonny Coates and Count Bass D11. Evil Man12. ChAnges feat. Om’Mas Keith & Stephen ‘Thundercat’ Bruner13. Love Still Hurts14. Le’Star feat. Rozzi Daime, Noni Limar & Nia ANdrews15. Egypt16. The Odd Is C17. Rebel Soldier



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