It seems like we’ve been waiting ages for an album from Cloaks, the UK duo formally signed to Actress’s Werk Discs label. But now we have one.

When people refer to dubstep as dirty, it’s usually some dickhead talking about how many swear-words are in the Lock Stock speech sampled in a track’s intro. But Cloaks are filthy. Every crack in their fractured, metallic basslines is filled with grime and grit, and their analog melodies scratch and clash together like cars in a compressor. Sure, Cloaks might find peers in the likes of Vex’d or Distance, but you’re probably more likely to find them making field recordings in a train graveyard than down FWD or Subloaded; they’re more Pan Sonic than they are Pinch.

Versus Grain, Cloaks’ debut LP, was released last month on their own 3by3 label, following the ‘Against’/’Rust on Metal’ 12" that preceded it. Digital release happened last week along with a second 12", ‘Junk’/’R.F.I.D’, but alas, there’s no plans for a vinyl edition of the album.


01. 00148 02. Junk 03. Against 04. 00162 05. Rust On Metal 06. Sixmenace Two 07. 00197 08. R.F.I.D 09. Deritus



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