Hudson Mohawke‘s long-awaited debut LP is in our hands. It’s called Butter, and so far we’re very much liking what we hear of it. 

The information accompanying the promo is minimal, but there are certain nuggets that we’re able to divulge. For starters, two of the album’s tracks – ‘Joy Fantastic’ and ‘Just Decided’ feature contributions from rapper Oliver Daysoul. ‘Allhot’ is voiced by LuckyMe starlet Nadsroic, whose debut EP Room Mist was produced by Hud, while ‘Tell Me What You Want From Me’ is a collaboration with LA boogiemeister Dam-Funk. 

There are eighteen tracks in full. Two of them might sound familiar to you – ‘Star Crackout’ appeared on an All City 7" last year while ‘3.30’ is a variation on ‘Polka Dot Blues’ from previous Warp EP Polyfolk Dance. Butter builds on the potential of that EP, with the same playful, glitch-heavy sound, but it also finds the young Glaswegian expanding his sound – ‘Joy Fantastic’ in particular sounds like it could be Love Below-era Outkast. At the moment we’re still taking it all in, but we can tell you right here and now that we’re loving the darkside dubstep flourishes of second track ‘Gluetooth’. Expect a more in-depth "first impressions" news feature about Butter next week. 


Butter will be released by Warp Records on October 12, 2009.


1. Shower Melody

2. Gluetooth

3. Joy Fantastic ft. Daysoul

4. 3.30

5. Trykk

6. Fruit Touch

7. ZOo00OOm

8. Acoustic Lady

9. Rising 5

10. Twistclip Loop

11. Just Decided ft. Oliver Daysoul

12. No One Could Ever

13. Velvet Peel

14. Tell Me What You Want From Me ft. Dam-Funk

15. FUSE

16. Star Crackout

17. Allhot ft. Nadsroic

18. Black N Red



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