We’ve been really excited about our next free party, on Sunday August 16th at Camden’s Lock Tavern, for quite some time. And now it’s nearly here we’re practically wetting our smalls….

Headlining is none other than Kiss FM/Fabric’s Sinden. A FACT contributor back in the day (him and his partner in crime, the Count/Herve did the first ever FACT mix), we’re not exaggerating when we say Sinden’s one of the best DJs of the last half decade, in any circle, scene or genre. Very, very few people combine the sort of tear-out club hits favoured by Diplo, Switch et al with the percussiveness, longevity and danceability of the best European and UK house acts, and his set at Sonar just gone was the best one we saw all festival. Quelle surprise – the same was also true of Bestival last year. It goes without saying how rare it is to see a DJ of his stature play a venue as intimate as the Lock Tavern, and you don’t want to miss out. Oh, and did we mention he’s playing a UK Funky set? 

If Untold’s not the dubstep producer of the year so far, we’d like to know who is. Well, we say dubstep – his recent releases on Hessle, 2nd Drop and Hotflush combine everything from piano house to classic grime, and half the reason he’s so on form right now is the inventiveness and diversity of his production, and the way it breaks down dubstep’s traditions and barriers. His FACT mix is the most popular one we’ve had since Ben Klock (FACT mix 31), and if you need a primer on why we’re so stoked about having him on board, there’s no better introduction to his sound.

We’ve wanted to book the globetrotting Hot City for one of our parties for ages, and now we’ve finally pinned him down. With a sound that takes in everything from Todd Edwards to The Prodigy to 90s hardcore and UK garage at their peaks, he’s one of our favourite producers around, and his recent ‘No More’ 12” for Infrasonics is one of the house tracks of the year.

Sinden, Untold and Hot City, for free? I mean, c’mon, where else are you gonna be?. It all goes down on Sunday August 16, at the Lock Tavern, Chalk Farm Road. 3-11, entry is nowt – but get down early because it is sure to be a roadblock. See you pon floor…

Download: FACT Mix 38 – Hot City

Download: FACT Mix 58 – Untold



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