The Caretaker‘s The Persistent Repetition of Phrases is now available to buy on vinyl, in a limited edition of 400.

This gloomy, foreboding but deeply romantic album was one of 2008’s best, and it found its maker James Kirby continuing to explore the fraught relationship between music and memory disorder. Originally released on CD by Installsound, Kirby is putting out the vinyl via his own newly imprint, History Always Favours The Winners.

The tracklisting (listed below) is unchanged, but the vinyl edition features brand new artwork, and has been mastered at Berlin’s Dubplates+Mastering.   

A new album by Kirby, this time under his own name of James Leyland Kirby, Sadly, The Future Is Not Longer What It Was, is due out soon – it is, in fact, an album trilogy, and will be comprised of three concurrent double-vinyl releases (a CD release will come later). You can stream four tracks in full at the Kirby / Caretaker homepage.

Persistent Repetition of Phrases tracklist:

1. Lacunar Amnesia

2. Persistent Repetition of Phrases

3. Rosy Retrospection

4. Long Term (Remote)

5. Poor Ennunication

6. Past Life Regression

7. False Memory Syndrome

8. Von Restorff Effect

9 Unmasking Alzheimer’s



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