Available on: Curle Recordings 12″

A long overdue vinyl pressing for this thumping, swinging 2004 album track by the mighty Thomas Brinkmann, described by none other than DJ Koze as “timeless”. It’s airtight, percussive minimal funk in classic Brinkmann style, with the kind of shuffling snares and sub-action that remind me, of all things, of Cooly G’s ‘Narst Dub’. A reminder that Brinkmann has been on some next shit for a very long time indeed.

On the flip comes a housier remix from Soulphiction, AKA Philpot boss Michael Bauman. After a tense intro paying lip-service to the original’s warped synths, Bauman breaks it down into a syncopated, almost nu-jazz-style track, replete with harp runs and up-down double bass. It’s not a patch on Brinkmann’s original, but good enough – and different enough – to add to this 12″s already substantial worth.

Cayce Pollard



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