Flying Lotus, the man behind the Brainfeeder label, last year’s Los Angeles album and all sorts of other crunked out, scrunched up hip-hop goodness, has a new album penciled in for "early next year" on Warp, and will be contributing the next DJ Kicks compilation in November. Hopefully.

In an update on his myspace, the producer also reveals that he’s finished a remix for the forthcoming Plug Research LP by Sa Ra Creative Partners’ Shafiq Husyan and will be putting out a vinyl release with Samiyam as FLYamSAM on Brainfeeder (the label also has released by Daedelus and Lorn scheduled). There’s also a bunch of live stuff featuring Dorian Concept, Dr. Strangeloop and others which should be of interest to our LA readers.

You can read the full post over the page, along with a new Flying Lotus video and free download.


From the Flying Lotus myspace: "Now that the ‘Los Angeles’ series is finally finished, I think the time is right to start letting everyone know what’s happening…

next up…

1. Doing this ‘Dj Kicks’ thing..I have no idea what’s gonna happen honestly but I’m gonna try and make sure to put on some of those myspace tunes that never came out and some other b-sides and new new, who knows..

hopefully it gets done in the next couple weekswe’ll see.. Really want to get this out for y’all around November.

2. Just finished up a remix for Shafiq’s upcoming Plug Research LP. Got a couple more remixes to do..

3. Brainfeeder is doing some prettttty fun stuff I have to say, we are starting our ‘Brainfeeder Sessions’ at the Downtown Independent theater in LA every 1st Sunday of the month. Starting Sept 6th.

It’s our platform to bring you some amazing audio and visual experiments . I love going to clubs, but I’ve always wanted to see this music with a strong visual presentation.. So there it is, you can see what it was like when I played there months ago…

for the first one we got Dorian Concept and Dr. Strangeloop doing a special experimental set with visual madness…we’ll also be showing the film ‘Le Planete Sauvage’ on the big screen.

There’s also upcoming releases from Daedelus, Lorn, FLYamSAM, for Brainfeeder soon..(VINYL..wooooo!)

4. Last but not least, im pretty excited to tell you all, the new LP is shaping up nicely. Being totally honest, I know without a doubt this album IS my best creative work thus far.I’ve been working with a lot of really incredible people to make this thing the best it can be.It’s coming out on Warp early next year.

Thank you ALL so so so so much who continue to support my efforts"

Download: Flying Lotus – Auntie’s Lock (with the Life Force Trio)

Cheers to Sonic Router for the heads up on this.



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