Bit of a treat for hip-hop fans, this one. Stones Throw boss Peanut Butter Wolf has re-edited 18 rap classics and pressed his versions onto 7" vinyl. The resulting box set is called 45 Live and is available for pre-order now, to be shipped on October 13; a mixed CD version of the tracks will appear next month. 

"This record is such a great honor for me to be involved with," he writes on the Stones Throw blog. "I’m sure it will hardly sell any units cuz the music industry SUCKS and most people only wanna hear bullshit (just look at which music videos get the most views on youtube or the top 10 sellers on itunes), but regardless, it’s a big deal. I mean, as a kid growing up in San Jose, CA when all this stuff came out, I was hooked and half a lifetime later I still am. I can only imagine what this stuff sounds like to the teenagers today hearing it for the first time right now, just as they probably wonder what it was like for adults like me to have heard it for the first time back when it was released."

Those who order the box directly from Stones Throw will be treated to a bonus 7", comprising the tracks ‘The Bridge Is Over’ and ‘Eastside Prep Boys’ – produced by PBW when he was only 14. 


1. Fearless Four: "Rockin’ It"2. Spoonie Gee: "Love Rap"3. Tricky Tee: "Tricky Tee Rap"4. Universal Two: "Dancin Heart"5. Sweety G: "At the Place to Be"6. Busy Bee: "Old School"7. Dimples D: "Sucka DJ"8. T La Rock: "It’s Yours"9. Just Ice: "Cold Getting Dumb"10. Biz Markie: "Make the Music"11. MC Shan: "Marley Marl Scratch"12. Mantronix: "Hardcore Hip Hop"13. JVC Force: "Strong Island"14. Jungle Brothers: "Jimbrowski"15. Cash Money & Marvelous: "Mighty Hard Rocker"16. Stezo: "It’s My Turn"17. Big Daddy Kane: "Just Rhymin With Biz"18. Boogie Down Productions: "The Bridge Is Over"19. MTS: "Eastside Prep Boys"



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