Available on: Brainmath 10″

Is Zomby moving away from the dancefloor or simply reinventing it? His output this year, the One Foot Ahead of the Other EP on Ramp, ‘Tarantula’ on Hyperdub and this 12” on Ramp sister label Brainmath, feels more and more like you’re experiencing the inside of Zomby’s head than you are taking part in something communal, which you generally are with dancing.

These tracks feel so private: so spindly, delicate, fractured and on edge, that dancing to them almost feels intrusive. But the kicks are there, the rhythm’s right, so you find yourself doing it all the same. Whatever, it’s another two slabs of music from the most brilliant mind in dubstep. Add to basket, and the flower metaphor’s complete.

Tom Lea



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