Thrill Jockey will re-issue Winter Women / Holy Ghost Language School, the heroically weird 2006 double album by Matthew Friedberger.

Friedberger is best known as the brother half of brother-sister duo The Fiery Furnaces, whose new album I’m Going Away is out this week. Winter Women / Holy Ghost Language School was initialy released on 859 Recordings; the new edition is on Thrill Jockey (home to the ‘Furnaces) and boasts updated artwork and two songs on each disc.

Matt wrote and arranged all the music, played all the instruments (except for some drumming done by John McEntire and Josh Johannpeter on a few tracks), and sang all the songs that comprise the double-album. It was recorded by Bill Skibbe at Key Club Recording in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Winter Women is the more accessible of the two discs, with a 60s-inspired garage-pop vibe; Holy Ghost Language School is a tad more conceptual and musicall odd to boot, described in the original press release as "the equivalent of a stormy Murakami novel with the requisite sonic twists and turns which makes Matt’s work so original."

Other future FF projects include two cover versions of I’m Going Away; one done by Matt’s sister Eleanor and another sung entirely by Matt. They also plan on releasing a "silent record" that consists of sheet music, and other sorts of notation, after which they will organize "fan-band" shows in order to showcase the material. Those guys.


01    Under The Hood At The Paradise Garage (Disc 1)02    The Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company Resignation Letter (Disc 1)03    Up The River (Disc 1)04    Ruth vs. Rachel (Disc 1)05    Her Chinese Typewriter (Disc 1)06    Big Bill Crib and His Ladies of the Desert (Disc 1)07    Don’t You Remember? (Disc 1)08    Bet You Don’t! (Disc 1)09    P.S. 213 Mini-School (Disc 1)10    Theme From Never Going Home Again (Disc 1)11    Motorman (Disc 1)12    Quick As Cupid (Disc 1)13    I Love You Cedric (Disc 1)14    Servant In Distress (Disc 1)15    Hialeah (Disc 1)16    Wisconsin River Blues (Disc 1)17    Rio Tinto (Bonus Track) (Disc 1)18    260 Northern Blvd. (Bonus Track) (Disc 1)19    Seventh Loop Highway (Disc 2)20    Holy Ghost Language School (Disc 2)21    The Cross and The Switchblade (Disc 2)22    I Started Drinking Alcohol at the Age of Eleven (Disc 2)23    Do You Like Blondes? (Disc 2)24    Azusa St. (Disc 2)25    Topeka and San Antonio (Disc 2)26    A Mystical Preparative To Lewdness (Disc 2)27    Ship Scrap Beach Business (Disc 2)28    First Day of School (Disc 2)29    Things Were Going So Well (Disc 2)30    All In Vain or The Opposite (Disc 2)31    Moral and Epilogue (Disc 2)32    Rain (Bonus Track) (Disc 2)33    Porcupine Posed A Prickly Problem (Bonus Track) (Disc 2)



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