Roman Flügel is perhaps best known as one half of Alter Ego, whose 2004single ‘Rocker’ was one of the biggest tunes to emerge from thepost-electroclash diaspora.

In a career dating back to ’94,Flügel has done it all – helped shape the fate of acid and techno withvarious releases on the legendary Harthouse label, pretty much inventedelectro-house, scored a colossal solo club hit in the shape of ‘Geht’sNoch’ (2004), made futuristic jazz with Christopher Dell on theexcellent Superstructure (2005) and ambient-leaning micro-house asSoylent Green. Along the way he’s been invited to remix artists likeMatthew Dear, Daft Punk, Primal Scream and even Kylie Monogue. Mostrecently he released the fine Stricher EP.

Oh, and did we mention he’s an incredible DJ? With over 15 years ofexperience behind him, Flügel has cultivated his own distinctive,bass-heavy style, with a strong disco influence of late, and heshowcases it to great effect on this here FACT Mix. Kicking off withRub N Tug’s euphoric edit of Capracara’s ‘King of Witches’, thisrollicking selection takes in productions from the likes of PepeBradock, DJ Koze and Flugel himself.

(Available for three weeks)


Capracara – King of Witches (Rub`n`Tug Remix) (DFA Records)

Marco & Orpheo – Mach 4 (Hand of God)

Plein Soleil – Casus Belli (Brontosaurus Saga Remix) (Live atRobert Johnson)

Dj Koze – Mrs. Bojangels (Circus Company)

Nick Solé – Simple Things (Mojuba)

Pepé Bradock – Path of most Resistance (Atavisme)

Steunhoff & Hammond with Dianne – Touch (Smallville)

Alejandro Mosso – Somebody (Lo Mid High)

Lucretio – Where you (Restoration)

Roman Flügel – Discofiasco (Turbo)

4 Thieves – Yanks abroad (Beats in Space)

Premier Rang – La Ronde (Italians do it better)

Coko Karina – Do you love me too? (Cellophane)

Ra.H – Space Pops (Morphine)



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