We like James Pants‘ mixtapes here at FACT, more so than we like his own productions if truth be told. The boogie-centric Chart-Toppers which he compiled with Dam-Funk earlier this year is still a morning staple in the office.

This week sees the release of Stones Throw-signed Pants’ latest royalty-dodging CD-R chop-up, The Electric Finger, Book 2. The first Electric Finger mix came out in 2008, and found the Spokane boy wonder mixing up old-skool electro and hip-hop with heavy funk, soul, prog-rock and psychedelia.

Book 2 makes similar connections: it’s a world where the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Group rub shoulders with ESG, where Public Enemy and Schooly D make nice with Jackie Mittoo. Some might say the results are pretty throwaway, but if you take it for what is – a lovingly sequenced mix from an impassioned and imaginative music fan – then you’ll enjoy it immensely. More info at myspace.com/jamepants.


1. Piero Umiliani – Etat Hypnotique2. Puplic Enemy – Megablast3. Ward 21 – Petrol4. Jackie Mittoo – Earthquake5. Big Tuck – Not a Stain on Me6. Dynasty – Adventures In The Land of Music7. The Lovelites – How Can I Tell My Mom and Dad?8. ESG – Purely Physical9. Byron Davis – The Soundmaster s Groove10. Schooly D – Put Your Fila s On11. Yvonne Gage – Love s Gonna Pay You Back12. Shock – Got To Have Your Love13. Bene Gesserit – Je Veux Ma Mamam14. West Coast Pop Art Experimental Group – 190615. Shocking Blue – Love Buzz16. 8Ball and MJG – Get Low17. Joel Vandroogenbroek – Computer Groove18. Riz Ortolani – Il Corpo Di Linda19. Gigolo Tony – Go Ladies20. Tax Free Band – Paranoid Love21. Igor RX-15 – 808 no422. DMC Project – Shellys Theme23. The Bobbettes – Look At The Stars24. Chakachas – Bantu25. Fly Girlz – I Could Give You Reasons Why I Love You



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