Dubstep’s Kromestar, who’s heavily rumoured to be the man behind the Dark Knight UK house 12"s that have been surfacing of late, will release his second full-length album later this year.

Titled The Other Syde, it will take the form of a double CD. The first disc is a mixed compilation of Kromestar material, some unreleased, and the second, subtitled ‘A Selection of Works’, is an unmixed selection of past Kromestar releases. It will be released in November/December on Dubstar Records.


CD1: Mixed by Kromestar

1.    Bassbin2.    Skaredem3.    Wooo4.    The Buddha5.    6Points6.    Skystalker (Unreleased)7.    Mad Fever8.    Technique9.    Liveandexperience (Unreleased)10.    My Sound11.    Dutty Bread (Unreleased)12.    Head Twiss13.    Rackit14.    What Else (Unreleased)15.    Attenshun16.    Pissed Off17.    Grey Thought (Unreleased)18.    Inside19.    Demon Slayer20.    Space Chase

CD2: A Selection of Tunes

1.    Badman2.    Pissed Off3.    Moodswing4.    Headtwiss5.    Mad Fever6.    6Points7.    Skaredem8.    Wooo9.    Space Chase10.    103011.    The Buddha12.    Technique13.    Off Da Hook



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