Yes, you heard right: Villalobos, the movie. Not a Hollywood biopic alas – we can sort of picture Benicio Del Toro in a two-part Che-style epic, or maybe Johnny Depp camping it up Jack Sparrow-style – but rather a documentary by Romuald Karmakar which premieres at this year’s Venice film festival. 

Villalobos includes footage shot at Sonar 2006, the infamously camera-phobic Panorama Bar in Berlin (a Perlon night in September ’08), and the closing parties of Ibiza’s Cocoon@Amnesia and Monza@Privilege in September and October ’08 respectively. The movie apparently "focuses in long interviews with the Chilean techno producer on how he thinks, how he hears and how he produces his music". 

Though his muse is predominantly political, Romuald Karmakar has made two films about club culture and electronic music prior to Villalobos. 2005’s Between The Devil And The Wide Blue Seaportrayed the interconnected dance scenes of Ibiza and Berlin as "afactory, a ceremony or a drama" and featured music from the likes ofAlter Ego and T. Raumschmiere, while 2003’s 196 BPM was an oddly haunting single takeportrayal of the 2002 Berlin Love Parade. Villalobos is the third and final part of this informal trilogy. 

 The film screens at the 66th Venice International Film Festival over the period September 2-12, 2009, where it is entered in the Orizzonti Competition. You can visit the film’s official site here.



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