This one does exactly what it says on the tin, freely downloadable instrumental versions of every track on YACHT’s recent See Mystery Lights album, including ‘Summer Song’ and ‘I’m In Love With A Ripper’ from last year’s DFA 12":

Download: YACHT – See Mystery Lights Instrumentals

YACHT have also released a new mixtape for States Right Records. Titled Anthem of the Trinity, it compiles the songs which, in the band’s words, "drove us to the moment when we first saw the mystery lights in the west texas sky.

"As we stood in the desert, facing these stars, fallen out of the universe, we wondered, “what combination of tone and chance has led us here? Now you know.Anthem of the Trinity is a carefully crafted, edited, and generally enhanced continuous 37+ minute mix of songs that subconsciously inspired the musical themes of YACHT’s latest album, See Mystery Lights. Ranging from Arthur Russell to INXS, the Talking Heads to Bad Brains, from gnostic dance party to deep meditation (and back), "Anthem of the Trinity" is a definitive compendium of YACHT’s innermost influences.Use this mixtape freely (along with all of the other See Mystery Lights companion releases) to better understand YACHT, and possibly yourself, a little more clearly."

You can buy Anthem of the Trinity here, and read the full FACT review of See Mystery Lights here .



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