According to a report on US website Exclaim News, the next Radiohead release will be a super-limited 12′ vinyl solo single from Thom Yorke consisting of the previously unreleased tracks ‘Apart By Horses’ and ‘The Hollow Earth’, due on September 22nd. 

The band haven’t yet confirmed or denied this story, and given Radiohead’s recent release of one-off tracks ‘Harry Patch’ and ‘These Are My Twisted Words’, we’re assuming it could well be true.

Here’s what Exclaim News had to say: "The details at this point are scarce, but our sources at Sonic Unyon, who are distributing the Yorke release in Canada, say the 12-inch is limited to about 4,000 copies in North America, with Canada only getting a meager 300. Europe is expected to get another 4,000. 

Our sources also quote the Radiohead camp as saying the 12-inch has ‘really awesome packaging and artwork’.”

We’ll update you as soon as we have more news…



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