Available on: Holiday 12″, XL

Er, Jesus. Grime’s biggest success story backs his worst single to date (‘Holiday’, for those not keeping score) with this juggernaut of a B-side, produced by Ripley and Baltimore veteran Aaron LaCrate, whose list of credits includes Kanye West, Lily Allen and Mark Ronson.

There’s always the ‘why wasn’t this the A?’ argument, but it’s nothing new: even when Dizzee started getting bad his B-sides have remained high quality (‘Trapped’, on the flip of past single ‘Dream’, is one of his best ever songs). Let’s just be happy with the fact that Dizzee’s vocal performance is at least a thousand times better than on any of his recent hits, and the production is Benga-via-Bmore with old school whistles and rave stabs. Pretty much the definition of a welcome turn-up for the books.

Stacey Morris



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