E’de Cologne, the promotions company responsible for some of the German coastal city’s most renowned techno parties, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the publication of a CD/book package entitled E’de Love.

The CD is a single disc compilation featuring some of Cologne’s best-known electronic music producers, many of whom are connected to the Kompakt label also based in the city. Ada contributes a collaboration with Raz Ohara entitled ‘Lovestoned’, Kompakt’s Tobias Thomas and Michael Mayer serve up two unreleased and exclusive tracks. There also tracks from Traum boss Riley Reinhold, André Kraml, Popnoname, The Modernist and, with his first production in 13 years, Karaoke Kalk boss Strobocop. Closing out the comp is Kompakt disco romancer Justus Köhncke, who teams up with German Schlager singer (and 1982 Eurovision entrant) Marianne Rosenberg. Full tracklisting below.

The 36-page book contains specially commissioned b+w photos of the contributing artists, and its text chronicles the history of Cologne’s electronic music scene from 1999 onwards. When you purchase a copy of E’de Love, one Euro will go benefit the AIDS-Hilfe Köln foundation which helps fight HIV and AIDS in Cologne.

E’de Love is released September 28 and distributed by Kompakt. 

CD tracklist:

01. Pierre Chevallier – Electronic Cruising

02. Triple R – Echt Elektronische Musik

03. Hans Nieswandt – Tanz Baby

04. Thomas/Mayer – Über Wiesen

05. The Modernist – Lost In Music

06. Strobocop – Love Is Music/Music Is Love

07. Tonetraeger – Welcome Back, Kotter (Mayer/Thomas Remix)

08. André Kraml – Suburbia

09. Popnoname – Deeper Than Love

10. Haito (feat. Eric D. Clark) – The Need To Believe

11. Ada (feat. Raz Ohara) – Lovestoned

12. Justus Köhncke vs. Marianne Rosenberg – Lieder Der Nacht (E’DC Edit) 



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