Hauntological touchstones, and associates with similarly dark-minded bods like Shackleton and The Caretaker, Mordant Music, will release a new full-length album this October, on their own Mordant Music label. It will be titled SyMptoMs.

In an email from Baron Mordant, one half of the mysterious British duo, this morning, the album is described as: "a standalone audio bollard in a field of flatly rejected flax…a symptom of itself in many ways, SyMptoMs taps into the verbal hinterland of deranged solo sessions prised from Cable Hut in Abermawr, an injured hotel room in Bali & the skewed Wood Green triangulation…a dolmen here, a punctured football there…Delta coffee & no signal…these thirteen MoMents cavort in the realm known as the present & are part of an allegory that has yet to coMMence…wrong trees can get barked at for the right reasons...SyMptoMs rides a fetid larynx and the Baron trusts that what initially turned him off eventually turns you ohm."

Of course, for all the duo’s gloomy rhetoric and aesthetic, there’s always been a gimmicky sense of humour to what Mordant Music do, and that comes out in the tracklisting for SyMptioMs. Where else would you find track titles like ‘Hey, Volte Face!’ and the blogspot-referencing ‘(0) CoMMents’?

You can find the full tracklisting below, but SyMptoMs isn’t the only thing Mordant Music have in the pipeline. A 10" will follow the LP, pairing an alternate version of the album’s title track with ‘I’m Not Your Mate, Mate’. That’ll come out on S.T. Holdings’ French connection MPO. They also found time this year to release Picking O’er The Bones, a compilation of past releases on the MM label by Shackleton and themselves.

SyMptoMs tracklisting [sleeve above]:

Where Can You Scream?Pissing In SinksBelgian BluesIn Truth Is Wine(0) CoMMentsSyMptoMsHey, Volte-Face!You Are A DoorAnother Uncompleted DomeSeeing Death Thru Eric GatesKeep OutSirocco Swirl (Deluded Walker Demo)Terms & Conditions



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