Anti-Magic is the new album by Los Angeles ‘drum and shout’ band, Foot Village. It will come out on reliably against the grain London label Upset the Rhythm, and for the spotters amongst you, the sleeve features two breasts and a dick.

Foot Village feature members of LA underground punks Gang Wizard, Friends Forever and International Voice of Reason (us neither), and sound like "a thick forest of whirling limbs beating out rhythms for whispers and hollers to leap and dive through." Again, us neither, but Upset the Rhythm have always been noted for their taste (check the line-ups at the gigs they put on if you want proof: recent blow-outs have featured Ariel Pink, Growing and Crocodiles) so this should be worth checking out.

The slightly more well-known Jason Forrest (remember him?), Death Sentence: Panda and AIDS Wolf appear on this record, on closing track ‘Chicken and Cheese 2’, along with Tussle, Kyle Mabson and Narwhalz. The release date for Anti-Magic is October 26, you can see the tracklisting below:

Foot Village – TAKE


1. Energy Hunters2. Reggae War Zone3. Take4. Death of the Endless5. -…-…- — -.-…-.-. .-.. . (a.k.a. Morse Code ‘No Jam’)6. Grace’s Death7. National Jamthum8. Crybaby 9. .-.— … . .- -.-.. (a.k.a. Morse Code ‘Roseanne’)10. Anti-Magic11. Chicken and Cheese 2 w/ Friends

NB: We typed out that tracklisting from a physical press release – if there are any typos in the Morse Code, it doesn’t make you clever to point them out, just lonely.



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