Influential Dutch producer Aardvarck will release a new album on September 24.

It’s a digital-only release and it bears the dubious title Titi. It’s the second "proper" album to date by Aardvarck (AKA Mke Kivits), the follow-up to Find The Cow, which was brought out by Delsin back in 2002. 

Based in Amsterdam, Aardvarck’s swinging style is hard to pin down: his tracks range from broken beat and dubstep to slo-mo house and full-pelt Detroit techno. The mini-LP Pigstyle (2008) was a collection of crisply produced instrumental hip-hop jams which anticipated the current wonky sound, and ‘Nosestep’ (2007) is a modern-day 2-step classic. Artists like 2562, Dorian Concept and Tom Trago all cite the Kivits as an inspiration.

You can listen to clips of Titi here.

Tracklist:1. Unttld2. Ndutt3. Nutelt4. Titun5. Teutld6. Tldt7. Dlunte8. Lndttd9. Ltdutn10. Dnt11. Duntit12. Nutt13. Tulti14. Edun15. Tito16. Tl



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