Former Mercury Prize winners and ‘neu-rave’ posterboys Klaxons have become the latest band to cover no-wave icons Suicide as part of the ongoing Alan Vega 70th Birthday series.

Jamie Reynolds and co have covered ‘Sweetheart’, and it will see release on October 19 on a 10" for the Blast First (petite) label. The original track appeared on the band’s second self-titled album. The Klaxons cover was produced by Reynolds himself, and will be limited to an edition of 3000 vinyl.

Following in the trend of the other releases in this series, which have featured The Horrors, Bruce Springsteen, Primal Scream, Sunn O))) & Pan Sonic, Lydia Lunch and more, the sleeve art is contributed by a contemporary visual artist – this time Alexander McQueen, who provides a photograph titled ‘Skull Ring.’ Additional tracks on the release are Alan Vega’s ‘Speedway’, lifted from the Suicide front man’s long-deleted 1980 solo album, and a cover of ‘Super Subway Comedian’ by London warehouse lot No Bra.



A1 Klaxons ‘Sweetheart’ (3.52)B1 Alan Vega ‘Speedway’ (2.35)B2 No Bra ‘Super Subway Comedian’ (3.46)



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