FACT’s 82nd exclusive podcast is the work of one of America’s most renowned crate diggers, Lovefingers.

Lovefingers is one of our favourite DJs: there are few people on our radar with taste as wide-reaching, discerning and flamboyant as his, and for evidence you’d do well to check out his blog, which is full of mixes and freely downloadable tracks and edits.

He’s a member of the renowned Blackdisco crew; a series of West Coast basement parties ran by himself and Nitedog, and also an edit series which has seen contributions from Lee Douglas, Soft Rocks, Julien Love and more. They’ll be doing their thing for East Village’s Sweatshop night this Saturday, more information on which can be found here. All you really need to know though, is that a chance to see these two tastemakers do their thing all night in the East Village basement is pretty much unmissable.

Lovefingers’ FACT mix features Flying Lizards, Dave Samuels, and edits of Zappa, Power Surge, Grackle and let’s face it, a load of stuff neither of us have heard of but probably will be amazing. Get educated, and enjoy it.


(Available for three weeks)


Flying Lizards – Cirrus

Grackle – Desert Acid (Music Cargo Version)

Dave Samuels – New Math

Ken-Dang – Born In Borneo

Sarr Band – Double Action (SDC Edit)

Mujaba – Noemi

Atilla Engin Group – Cumbe De Cumbe (Chee Shimizu Edit)

Power Surge – Old School Rider Edit

Frank Zappa – Inca Roads (Otterman Empire Edit)

Turn the page for the full FACT interview with Lovefingers.

“Blogs are dying, vinyl is forever”

Who or what is Lovefingers?

“Just a name taken from the song by Silver Apples, an all-time fave. It’s silly. But names don’t mean much to me anyway.”

When and where did it/you come into being, and why?

“To be honest I’ve always wanted to program music for films. The site was originally an attempt to get some sort of work in that dept. I wanted to make a long long mix. The website is really just a playlist that you can configure based on what you’re into. It can be played linearly, randomly or in sections. I guess you can call it a blog, although I didn’t really know what a blog was when I started it. That’s why I don’t write crap on there. It’s presumptuous to force people to read your nonsense. Also I’m lazy, it’s a result of growing up in California.”

Your blog’s updated regularly and has been for years, do you get bored?

“Yes. The internet is totally boring. I kinda hate it, but in the way you hate smoking, you don’t stop. However, my website will be put to rest when it reaches 1000 songs. It’s almost there. Maybe I’ll switch it into some kind of radio station. I dunno. Blogs are dying; vinyl is forever.” [Cheese – Ed]

Are all the tracks on the blog from your own collection?

“Hmmm maybe 75%…I’m constantly turned on to new things by friends. That’s the way it should be. It’s an environment for sharing. It’s like being over at each others houses drinking beer, pulling bong rips and freaking on tunes. I guess I just want to do that all day every day. But the site is more one-sided of course, totally self-indulgent, whatever floats the boat that day, at-home-style. Of course it’s not high quality rips, I mean if you really want tracks then you should go dig them out. The mp3s are for sampling purposes only. Wouldn’t it be nice if people heard something they liked and took it upon themselves to buy more vinyl?”

‘We’re gonna get silly. Hands in the air, spilled pints…”

Your edits have surfaced on Rvng Intl and Blackdisco, but do you have any plans to start a label or expand Lovefingers in any way?

“Well, Blackdisco is an edits label with an old buddy Nitedog, we threw parties for years under that name and then began committing some of the jams to wax. While edits are definitely dime-a-dozen these days, we try to focus on quality over quantity. We don’t make shit for money from those records, so we don’t feel too bad, its just the way of the deejay. As for my own label, I have just started a new project for original works called the ESP Institute. The first EP is Sombrero Galaxy (Jonny Nash of Discosession and our mate Tako) and it’s fucking fantastic. The track is entitled ‘Journey To The Centre Of The Sun’ and the b-side is remixed by The Stallions (Lee Douglas and myself). It should be out shortly. After that, there’s an annual non-profit CD/3×12 compilation on deck. The first one features edits, remixes and reworks by Tako, Lee Douglas, Jonny Nash, Chee Shimizu, Basso, Eddie Ruscha, Lexx, Cos/Mes and myself…it’s way out there.”

Do you have any plans to make your own tracks?

“Yes, slowly working on stuff. I’m totally lazy. Lee Douglas and I have begun some new musical endeavors and have also been remixing a bit. A remix for Findlay Brown should drop (eventually) on his remix EP with Zongamin, Mickey Moonlite, Weirdo Police and our good buddy Max Pask. We also recently worked in studio with Findlay’s whole touring band to co-write and produce a 13 minute western disco loft jam called the Stallions Suite…that’s pretty exciting, honestly. It should be out next month I’m told on Findlay’s label. I’m also remixing Der Rauber & Der Prinz as well as The Phenomenal Handclap Band.”

Tell us about the mix… any exclusives, new edits, etc.?

“Hmmm, typical mixed bag of stuff I like…weird ambience, disco, moody house, aggro rhythmic shit, stoner noodlings. Kinda hard to squeeze all that in 45 minutes, but oh well. There are some new edits and things from friends and family in there too.”

Tell us about your party this Saturday…

“My label/party partner Nitedog and I are going to lay out our mantra over 6 hours, downstairs at East Village, 89 Great Eastern, EC2. We don’t have the opportunity to play side-by-side as often as we used to, so it should be a great time for both of us…we’re gonna get silly. Hands in the air, spilled pints, etc.”



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