Merok, the label which has helped launch the careers of Telepathe, Klaxons and Salem to name but a few, will release the debut LP by Comanechi, Crime of Love.

Comanechi is a UK-based two-piece comprising Akiko Matsuura (vocals/drums) and Simon Petrovitch (guitars). Akiko has played with Sperm Javelin, The Big Pink and Pre; according to the hilariously overblown press release accompanying this album she’s also something of an icon in Japan. Oh, and apparently Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon was once moved to say "Comanechi make me want to punch holes in Thurston’s face until I can fuck it." Poor Thurston.

The band, whose brittle pop-punk sound has been compared to the likes of Bikini Kill and Spacemen 3, have previously released 7"s on White Heat and Forcefield Records; they debuted on Merok with ‘Death of You’/’Popping Showers’ in 2007.

Having recently played dates with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Gossip and Siouxsie Sioux, they’ll be heading out on tour soon supported by Klaxons, who rate Comanechi as their favourite band. 

Crime of Love is out November 30.



   1. Prologue   2. Rabbit Hole   3. Crime of Love   4. Death of You   5. On n on   6. Close Enough to Kiss   7. Mesmerising Fingers   8. I wish   9. My Pussy  10. Naked  11. Why?  12. Lunatic



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