Spiritualized’s 1997 masterpiece Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space is to be reissued on November 16.

The new ‘collector’s’ edition will comprise the original album on mini-CD plus two bonus discs of extras including demos and alternative mixes. The ‘special’ edition will include the original album on regular CD format plus the bonus discs.

Ladies and Gentlemen was Spiritualized’s third album, and found them finally stepping out from the shadow of frontman Jason Pierce’s former band, Spacemen 3. Musically the album took the opiated, electronics-augmented rock sound of the first two Spiritualized albums (Pure Phase and Laser Guided Melodies) to a whole new level, incorporating elements of gospel, free jazz, ambient and the orchestral pop sounds of Phil Spector, Jack Nitzsche et al into a powerful cocktail indeed.

The re-issue of the album ties in with the band’s ATP Don’t Look bag gigs in London at the Royal Festival Hall (October 12, 13) and Barbican (December 16, 17), at which they’ll be performing Ladies And Gentlemen in its entirety.  

Ladies & Gentlemen bonus CD1 tracklist:

‘Ladies And Gentlemen (A Cappella)”Ladies And Gentlemen (Demo)”Ladies And Gentlemen (Strings)”Ladies And Gentlemen (Kate Telephone Call)”Ladies And Gentlemen (Moles Studio Mix 7)”Ladies And Gentlemen (Original Oratone Ideas)”Ladies And Gentlemen (A Cappella w/ Lead Vocal)”Come Together (Instrumental Demo)”Come Together (Demo In Lower Key)”I Think I’m In Love (Original Demo Idea)”I Think I’m In Love (Demo)”I Think I’m In Love (Drums/Wah)”I Think I’m In Love (A Cappella)”I Think I’m In Love (Vocal Demo Jan 96)”I Think I’m In Love (Gospel Choir Session)”All Of My Thoughts (Demo)”All Of My Thoughts (Strings)”Rocket Shaped Song’

Bonus CD2

‘Electricity (Demo)”Electricity (January 96)”Electricity (June 96)”Home Of The Brave (Demo)”Home Of The Brave (Panned Vocal)”Beautiful Happiness”Broken Heart (Demo)”Broken Heart (Strings)”Broken Heart (Vocal Harmony/Angel Corpus Christi)”Broken Heart (Early Vocal)”No God Only Religion (Demo)”No God Only Religion (Horns)”Cool Waves (Demo)”Cool Waves (String Session Mix)”Cop Shoot Cop (Demo)”Cop Shoot Cop (Dr. John ‘The National Anthem)”Cop Shoot Cop (String Session Mix)’



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