Respected New York bass-head, blogger, crate-digger and cumbia enthusiast DJ /rupture has revealed details of a curious new album project he’s working on with his Barcelona-based band project, Nettle.

Formerly a duo comprising Rupture (real name Jayce Clayton) and a Moroccan violinist, Nettle has now expanded to a four-piece, with a cellist and someone playing the "guembri" for a "Moroccan bass sound". 

"I have this crazy album concept," Clayton told The Onion’s A.V. Club . "We’ve added a cellist. The concept is, you know The Shining, the Stanley Kubrick movie or Stephen King book? So imagine a remake of The Shining, but instead of being set in Colorado, it’s set in Dubai, in an abandoned luxury hotel there. The idea is that we’re making a soundtrack for this remake that doesn’t exist yet. I’m referencing the movie, of course, but I’ve been going back and reading the book, and there’s this whole audio world suggested by the book that I’m interested in playing with.

"It’s a crazy idea in Dubai. It’s really hot, they’ve gone through this property recession so there’s a lot of abandoned, falling-apart halfway-done, high-end luxury places. And I’ve played there a lot of times. In Dubai, the only club nights happen in hotels, because the only places that are allowed to serve liquor are hotels, and bars or clubs right next to and owned by hotels for foreign travelers and all this. My first time there, I played on the roof deck of the Dubai Hilton, which was bizarre. I think I’m the only one in the group who’s seen the movie and read the book. We’ll meet and I’ll, go, ‘OK, there’s this crazy scene and there’s hornets and he’s on the roof,’ and describe to them this mood, and then we’ll riff off that.

If ever you’ve dreamt of a collaboration between The Caretaker and Shackleton – well, we certainly have – then this is probably the closest you’re going to come to having your dream realised. There’s no title or release date yet given for the album, and let’s face it, it may not even happen. But consider us intrigued.



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