London venue Cargo‘s Kaleidoscope Caravan Club launches this weekend with a DJ set from Italo legend Alexander Robotnick.

If you haven’t seen Robotnick DJ before then do so – if you die without seeing this disco legend whipping off his shirt and getting sweaty behind the decks, then you’ve lived a shitter life than someone who has. Even pushing 100, as he almost certainly is, he’s got more charisma and booth presence than 99% of DJs a quarter of his age. Convinced? Course you are. Be there.

Support comes from New York disco re-edit pioneer John Morales, Essex pop powerhouse Magistrates and one of FACT’s favourite bands in the world, The Chap. Plus Neon Indian, French Horn Rebellion, Jesper Christiansen and more.

It takes place Saturday, 26 September. More information here. Entry fee for the night will be pay what you want, with half the money going to Amnesty International. 



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