We just got our promo of Marcus Nasty‘s Rinse: 10 mix CD.

Marcus Nasty is arguably the biggest DJ of the UK Funky scene – a mongrel music made up of established funky house structure and the ruder aesthetics of grime and garage. He cut his teeth DJing 2step garage on London pirate station Déjà vu, and was the leader of seminal grime collective N.A.S.T.Y Crew (Kano, D Double E, Footsie, Ghetto and Jammer have all been members at various points). This year he moved to Rinse FM, London’s leading pirate, where his show became a must-hear for fans of UK Funky and British house music in general.

Much of his mix will be familiar to fans of this music: ‘Different’, ‘Seasons’, ‘Rider’, ‘Always Be Mine’, ‘Yellowtail’ and ‘In the Morning’ are anthems in the Funky scene, but there’s some new material from Lil Silva, Agent X and more for the heads. As is usually the case with Rinse’s CDs, the liner notes will take the form of an interview with Marcus Nasty conducted by Martin ‘Blackdown’ Clark. The press release features the following quotes:

"When I first started playing Funky in dances the dancefloor would clear out, there were times where it was literally me and the promoter left in the room; they didn’t know what they were listening to. Now I pack out dances 5 nights a week and they shout my name after the show [grins]. I have to thank Rinse for that, I love Rinse, I’m wholly dedicated to it. Every morning I ring management to see if there’s someone’s show I can cover, so more people can hear what I’m about cos I love this."

Marcus ‘Company Man’ Nasty eh? Who’d have thought it? Rinse: 10 drops on November 16.


1.    Fuzzy Logik – Call Me feat. L.A. Cartier2.    Lil Silva – Different3.    Ill Blu – Rider4.    Lil Silva – Seasons5.    Mad One – Untitled6.    Vato Gonzalez – 4 Minutes7.    Lil Silva – Tribal Land8.    Enrique Benetez – Cooking feat. Mia Mendez9.    Crazy Cousinz – Always Be Mine10.    Fuzzy Logik – In the Morning feat. Egypt11.    Lil Silva – Untitled12.    Altered Natives – Rass Out13.    Nitro & Plague – Inside Pushing Up Flowers feat. Essence (Naughty Remix)14.    Funkystepz – Bounce15.    Geeneus – Yellowtail VIP16.    Roska – Wonderful Day feat. Jamie George17.    Agent X – Trauma18.    Rudimental – Sexy Sexy feat. May19.    Marc Ambiance – Raindance20.    Perempay – Be Your Girl21.    Kris Baya – Heartbreaker (Ill Blu Remix)22.    Lil Silva – Pulse vs Funky23.    S-Tee – Knocking at your Door feat. Sacha24.    Scotty D & Nikki Slimting – The Sound25.    Lil Silva – Untitled26.    Sweet Boy Candy – Caught Up27.    Jallapino – Turbulence28.    Bass Boi – Hit the Dancefloor feat. Cad29.    Funkystepz – Touch On Me



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