Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard will release a solo abum entitled Harvest Festival on November 2, via Greco-Roman, the label he co-founded with Alexander ‘Full Nelson’ Waldron.


We haven’t heard it yet, but we’re excited: we’re told it "winds from woozy ambience to the polyrhythms of London’s clubland and back again, and has a strange fixation with fruit. Love woozy ambience, London clubland polyrhythms and the odd satsuma here at FACT, so we’re already sold. More info on this album when we have it; for now, here’s the tracklisting:

1. Apple Bobbing2. Tinned Apricot3. Pear-Shaped4. Strawberry Jam5. Go Bananas6. Half-Time Oranges7. Lemon & Lime (Home Time)8. Tropical Punch9. Sour Grapes10. Pineapple Chunk11. Mango Chutney12. Coconut Shy

But that’s not all from Greco-Roman: later that month they’ll release From The Seat of Mount Olympus: The International Sonic Wrestling Match, Rounds 1-5, a CD box-set designed by Lorenzo Fruzza and collecting the label’s five singles to date, with contributing artists and remixers including Drums of Death, David E Sugar, Skream, Buraka Som Sistema, Grosvenor, The Ragga Twins, 2 Bad Mice and Hot Chip. 

The debut LP from Drums of Death, "a lovers’ musical based on Rave and Witchcraft entitled Generation Hexed", is expected to drop on Greco-Roman in early 2010, and it will be heralded by the release of the ‘Got Yr Thing’ single next month. 



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