Earlier this year, Portishead‘s Geoff Barrow formed a band called BEAK> with fellow Bristol musicians Matt Williams and Billy Fuller. Their self-titled debut album is now available for pre-order in a limited box set edition.

The box set contains the full-length BEAK> album on CD in a DVD-sized case, an additional CD boasting four tracks not on the album, a heavyweight BEAK> T-shirt (four sizes to choose from), a 12" vinyl record featuring a further two exclusive tracks. According to the band’s website, the package "will be sent in a special black BEAK> pizza style card box..each Box hand sprayed by BEAK> members.. (no bullshit)".

The box is limited to only 250 copies, is priced at £30, and is available exclusively from the webshop of Invada, Barrow’s label and BEAK>’s home. The music was recorded live in one room with no overdubs, only using edits to create arrangements; all the tracks were written over a 12-day session at SOA Studios in Bristol. The regular version of the album is due out on October 19.



1. Backwell

2. Pill

3. Ham Green

4. I Know

5. Battery Point

6. Iron Acton

7. Ears Have Ears

8. Blagdon Lake

9. Barrow Gurney

10. The Cornubia

11. Dundry Hill

12. Flax Bourton 


1. Green Machine

2. Globus Hystericus

3. Clutton

4. Oh

BEAK> 12 INCH Vinyl E.P.

1. Nash Hill

2. Granby Hill 

You can listen to ‘I Know’ over at Pitchfork.



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