FACT Mix 87 comes from the man behind 2step legends Groove Chronicles and the associated DPR label, Noodles.

Steven Jude to those who know him best, Noodles is one of our favourite DJs and producers in the UK, and his FACT mix only puts him higher in that hierarchy. He founded Groove Chronicles in 1996, and it quickly established itself at the vanguard of UK club music, releasing a series of phenomenal tracks engineered by El-B. A distillation of R&B, jungle, broken beat and house influences, their 1998 single ‘Stone Cold’ is widely regarded as the creative high watermark of UK garage, and Burial speaks often of his admiration for it.

Noodles continues to operate the Groove Chronicles/DPR label, releasing new music alongside archive classics [we asked him, and ‘Stone Cold’ is getting re-issued on vinyl, before you ask – Ed]. His FACT mix features material from himself, MJ Cole, Menta, Sunship, Architeches and more ghosts of UK garage past. If you like stuff like fun, and dancing, you should download this.

We’d also like to add that in an age when plenty of lesser DJs will kick off at a magazine for using a picture of them where their micro-house scarf’s fallen at the wrong angle, it’s nice to have a genuine great play ball with us using a picture where he looks like he’s just seen a ghost. Big up Noodles for being a sport.

(Available for three weeks)


1. 4hero – Hold It Down – (Wookie Remix)

2. Zed Bias – All Night Jam (Steve Gurley Remix)

3. Brandy & Monica – Boy is Mine (Architeches Remix)

4. Sugababes – Run for Cover (G Force Remix)

5. Headtop – The Matrix

6. East 17 – Each Time (Sunship Remix)

7. Frankie Paul – Kissing Game (Large Joints Remix)

8. Troublesome – DJ Luck & Shy Cookie Remix

9. After Party

10. Zoom & DBX – Comin Again

11. If Your Girl Knew

12. Confetti

13. G.O.D

14. Dub-a-holics – Just in Case

15. Roots Manuva & MJ Cole – Dreamy Days (Remix)

16. Steve Gurley – Lessons in Love

17. Midnight Caller

18. Ghetto Lovin’

19. Lynden David – Hall (Artful Dodger Remix)

20. Menta – Sounds of Da Future

21. Groove Chronicles – 1999

22. Sunshine Anderson – Heard It All Before

23. Headtop – Madshit



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