Suicide’s Martin Rev will release a new album on November 30, entitled Stigmata.

Rev played keyboards in Suicide – he was the tall, smacked-out one who was aways wearing shades – and is responsible for the pulsating, future-primitivist electronic sound which made the band such a force to be reckoned with.

Stigmata, which will see release via the Blastfirstpetite label, was recorded in Rev’s hometown of New York in late 2008. We’ve not heard any of its 14 new tracks yet, but a press release promises "glitched out digital synthetic orchestral sounds" and claims it’s unlike anything he’s release before. Spiritualized’s Jason Pierce say it’s "genius".

Rev will play a bunch of solo live dates in Europe in support of the album, including a show at London’s Corsica Studios on November 25 with Factory Floor and HTRK.

As if his avant credentials were in doubt, London’s Neu Galleries will show a series of Rev’s "abstract instinctive scores" throughout November. These ink-on-music-manuscript "paper artworks" date from 1975 to the present day.

Says the man himself: "They are to me, as much the traditional form of compositional reference, as they can be looked upon by others as abstract art…they serve both purposes…they document compositions from throughout my career, I’ve always done them."

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