In a forthcoming interview with Clash, Daddy G of Bristol legends Massive Attack reveals that Burial is planning to make a remix album of Massive Attack material, in a modern equivalent of 1995’s Massive Attack and No Professor’s No Protection.

“I don’t know if I should really say this … What the plan is… you know that Mad Professor record that we did? (1995’s No Protection). Essentially trying to get that together, where Burial essentially remixes quite a lot of the new tracks. Brings out a different version of quite a lot of the tracks that we’ve done”.

“We’ve been listening to a lot of the stuff that he does and he’s just amazing. The way he does his layers, his drums and stuff like that. The dubstep thing is amazing, there’s a lot of really good people there – Kode9 is great as well. These kids are just amazing and we want to be part of that”.

Of course, given that Burial’s DJ-Kicks compilation was promised about two years ago and still hasn’t been made, we wouldn’t be surprised if people were waiting a while for this promise to come true, especially when Clash‘s article refers to the project as having “no timeframe.” Still, we’re sure Kode 9 was chuffed at being referred to as a kid.

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